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Sunday 14th December 2014 (pm)

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burdenedAre You Overweight?

Are you carrying more weight than you were designed to……

Are You Overweight?





Sunday 14th December 2014 (am)

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mrhappy01The Happy Land (Part 13)

The more mercy you show the more happy you will be…..

The Happy Land (Part 13)

Sunday 7th December 2014 (pm)

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donttakenoforananswerA Promise Is A Promise

Faith never takes NO for an answer when it is contrary to God’s promise…..

A Promise Is A Promise

Sunday 7th December 2014 (am)

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mrhappy01The Happy Land (Part 12)

How hungry are you……..

The Happy Land (Part 12)

New Wine for New Wineskins December 2014

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GodWithUs01God With Us Means Christmas Every Day

The Black Friday 2014 shopping frenzy has begun, and reports are coming in from around the U.S. and U.K. about fights breaking out….CBS in Los Angeles reports two women were fighting at a Walmart in Norwalk, California, after a “pushing and shoving match” over a Barbie doll…. one female allegedly threw a punch, prompting sheriff’s deputies to be called to the store….Fox 59 reports two people were arrested after a brawl at a mall in Indianapolis, Indiana. Police said a male was thrown out of the shopping center for being “too rowdy,” and then got in a fight with another male in the parking lot…..In Michigan City, Indiana a video shows one man in aggressively wrestling to get his hands on a Sony speaker set…..In Manchester, England, two men were seen fighting over a TV at a Tesco supermarket…..the pair dropped the television set and a third man picked it up and walked away with the TV they fought over…..According to The Evening Telegraph, a similar “altercation” occurred at a Tesco in Dundee, Scotland, prompting the 24-hour store to close briefly…..The Mirror reports at least three people have been arrested at Black Friday sales events around the U.K. The Greater Manchester Police urged peace on Twitter: “Keep calm people!”  Social media users have also been sharing video clips of a brawl that broke at a Victoria’s Secret store in a British mall…..BBC News states that Black Friday sales have seen police called to four Tesco supermarkets in south Wales after reports of clashes between customers…..Some shoppers tweeted there had been fights……

These are just some of the headlines from a news website on Friday 28th November 2014.  With just over twenty shopping days until Christmas it would appear that the annual madness is beginning to bite as many people are caught up in a tidal wave of seasonal insanity centred on an obsession with “stuff”.

On the flip side, this week has also seen the annual Christmas food collection for local foodbanks facilitated nationally by Tesco.  The foodbank operated by New Wine Church here in Stornoway has once again been overwhelmed by the generosity of local people as they have given to the needs of others.  Reports confirm that this level of kindness has been mirrored nationwide.

However, whether we find ourselves under intense pressure to get or we are being moved by the very real plight of others to give, it is too easy for the true message of Christmas to be obscured by all of the baubles and the tinsel so that we can no longer see the Cross for the Christmas trees. Continue reading 'New Wine for New Wineskins December 2014'»

Sunday 30th November 2014 (pm)

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butgod01How Big Is Your But?

No matter how big your but is, God’s but is always bigger……

How Big Is Your But?

Sunday 30th November 2014 (am)

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mrhappy01The Happy Land (Part 11)

The meek are teachable but they are also…..


The  Happy Land (Part 11)

Sunday 23rd November 2014 (pm)

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lostDo They Know That You Know?

Do the lost people around you know that you can introduce them to a real Person rather than a religious philosophy……?

Do They Know That You Know?

Sunday 23rd November 2014 (am)

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mrhappy01The Happy Land (Part 10)

Our greatest happiness is achieved in sharing our happiness with others….

The Happy Land (Part 10)

Sunday 16th November 2014 (pm)

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blessingorcurse01You Choose

Jesus became a curse for us so that we could inherit the blessing……

You Choose

Sunday 16th November 2014 (am)

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mrhappy01The Happy Land (Part 9)

We are here to fulfil our Father’s purpose for our lives…..

The Happy Land (Part 9)