New Wine for New Wineskins March 2006

By , March 2, 2006 5:08 pm

The 4D Life – Part Four

4DLifeThe world is full of 3D people trying – and generally  failing –
to cope with the circumstances of their lives as they perceive them.

But there is another dimension that God wants us to live in.  When
man was originally created he was created as a physical being. 
But God also gave man the capacity to communicate with Him at another
higher level.  When God breathed life into man it was his life
that he breathed into him and man became a spiritual being as well as a
physical being.  It was this spiritual element of his life that
was lost when man disobeyed God and man fell from a place of living in
the realm of the spirit to living in the realm of the soul….

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