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Our Faith In Action Team has been operating in the background for around 3 years.  It was our desire to pinpoint a way in which we could minister in a practical way within our community that was not already been done by anyone else so that we could complement rather than compete with what was already being done by others.

Working in partnership with the local Social Work Department and other agencies we seek out furniture and household items that can be passed on to anyone who is being housed but lacks any of the basic and essential furnishings.

Since this ministry has begun it has been our privilege to provide beds, living room furniture, cookers, washing machines, fridges, etc to many people who were moving into a new house but didn't have access to these essentials.

We always have a variety of items of furniture and white goods in our store and everything is provided and delivered free of charge. 

F.I.A.T. is co-ordinated by Alistair Lockett.

If you have any items of furniture you would like to donate or if you need furniture please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.




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