New Wine for New Wineskins January 2012

By , January 3, 2012 6:37 am

2012(2)Happy New Year!

Welcome to the January 2012 edition of New Wine for New Wineskins.

2011 has gone and 2012 has come!  Why is it that many people spend so much time obsessing over a past that can’t be changed instead of investing their time and energy in what can be changed – our present and our future?

We are here as agents of kingdom transformation as we align ourselves with heaven and allow our Father’s good, acceptable, and perfect will to be accomplished in us and through us.

As was stated in our last newsletter of 2011 we believe that the Lord has said that the kingdoms of men are over and that we are about to witness a dramatic increase in the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven in the earth.

In this first newsletter of 2012 I feel led to do something that I have never done before.  Rather than send out a printed message I am simply including a link to the message delivered on New Year’s Day to New Wine Church, Stornoway.

I believe that if you are one of those who recognise that the kingdoms of men in the church have failed us and that it is time to see the fullness of the kingdom of heaven then this message is relevant to you.  If you take the time to listen I pray that you will be blessed, and that you will be encouraged to take your place of dominion in the earth as a king with a little ‘k’ under the dominion of the only One worthy of that title in both heaven and earth – the King with the big ‘K’!

Please click here to listen.

Be Superabundantly Blessed and Prospered in 2012!

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