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“Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers, not by compulsion but willingly, not for dishonest gain but eagerly; nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock…”

1 Peter 5: 2 – 3


Donnie and Catriona Stewart

joe&ann01Joe and Ann Meah

AllyRachelAlastair and Rachel Lockett

Sarah(1)Sarah McDonald

KirstyKirsty Allan

MarieMacleod-1Marie Macleod

Marie is the leader of New Wine Church Tain

New Wine Church also has a dedicated Board of Trustees.

3 Responses to “Leader Team”

    Respected our loving Pastors Dr.Donnie and Catriona Stewart in Christ.Greetings to you from India in the matchless name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
    Iam Charles finny, pastor [43 years old] of a full gospel church in south India. am very happy to contact you through this e mail. We pray for your ministries.
    i thank the lord for your all kind of ministries and also for your WEB SITE.what a marveleus testimony which you had.Praise god.
    I like to join your ministries and to do the ministry in India under your BANNER. Kindly please pray for our ministries in India. Our ministries will be going by faith. We are doing our ministry in a rented building. And also we extend our ministry in some villages. We are also doing the ministry among the poor BLIND PEOPLES. My parent was a pastor in south India in several years. Now both are passed away. If you need more about our ministry kindly let me know. Please launch your ministry in India. This is my humble request to you. WE NEED YOUR LEADERSHIP FOR INDIA. iam expecting your valuable reply. We need your books and tapes for our spiritual growth. PLEASE MAKE A VISIT TO INDIA. We need your ministry in India. Kindly please send me one new leather bonded CONCORDANCE BIBLE IN ANY EDITION. Before i die i like to use that kind of bible.Kindly Pray for My Wife Rose Mary.
    And also Please pray for our only daughter KEZIA JOANNE [20Years old].Our love to you all.
    Thank you very much
    yours for his kingdom
    Charles and Rosemary Finny, Pastors, India

  2. Respected Dear Pastor/Founder/Director Donnie & catriona Stewart
    Greetings from India. Odisha state
    Sir How Sweets Your Family Sarah, David,Ruth & Anna.also you and your Wife/ any way Sir Yestarday i sent Some Our Ministry Photos and INVITATION LATTER also Affilation Latter did you receved ? if Please let me know Soon.
    Sir Here is my Testemony My name is Biraj Mohan Kandpan 43 Years old my Father name is Ranjan Kandpan i was born in a Small Village name called Goborlla Sir i was born in a Hindhu back ground. my father is idol worshipered Every satarday he will sacrificed Gote. duck, hen,etc. one my Unty she was effected by Evil Spirit in that Time we spent lots of Money in Hospital there is no use of that. after long time one Pastor came to Our Home for geting Permision from my Father for Prayer after he will started he work for preaching the Pastor says the world Peoples will not heald you only Jesus will heald you right now but you have to belive in Jesus he will heald you because Our Lord is great. after the Pastor Prayed Our Unty she heald. after the Pastor told me that Brother are to go to Bible Collage for Pastor trainning i said yes i will go then after 10 days I decided my self and statrted my journey in Delhi Bible Collage which is the Capital in India in the year of 1989 after finished my B.th thay sent me in Gujraj State in india for Ministry after 8 years i came back my Home and i did Registration one Society in
    The Name Shall be the NEW WINE MINISTRIES INDIA also we have Our FCRA Number from Our Society now we are doing the Gods Ministry among the Unreached rural urban Tribials groups in India now 35 Patsors are working with me ORISSA, STATE CHATISGARH.AND ANDRAPRODESH which Our Boaders Sir by the Grace of God Ministry is going well I thank Our Almighty Lord because he will selected me to do the Ministry my Vision is that many Peoples are in darkness let the Peoples come to the Light like me let the Peoples tarned from their Sin let the Peoples ecepted their personal saviour. through Our life thy name should be Gloryfy Please Pray for Our Ministry and Our Family also Our needy Pastors in Villages area

    Thanking you
    Testimony Submitted by
    Rev Biraj Mohan kandpan President/Founder
    New Wine Ministries India
    cell No 0091 94379 516 38

  3. Respected Dear Founder/Director Donnie & Catriona
    Greetings from India
    Sir as you know already i sent all Ours Documents & Some of Our Ministry Photos as per your Phone call Regarding Our India Ministry for the Glory of God. Still we are Praying and Waiting for your Reply Soon. as you know Our society was Registered by the Govt. of India name shall be the NEW WINE MINISTRIES INDIA
    I Look forward from you Soon
    Thanking you
    Rev Biraj Mohan kandpan Founder/President
    New Wine Ministries India
    Cell No – 0091 94379 516 38

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