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By , November 25, 2009 11:07 am

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New Wine Church

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  1. congratulation for ur encouragement messages, please can i save in your as pastor.

  2. Dear Pastor,
    As you may know, many people have given up on God, largely due to a lack of understanding of His ways. I would like to throw them a lifeline through a book titled “A Road to Freedom”.
    “A Road to Freedom” is a self-exploration of why we struggle and how we can find emotional, spiritual and physical freedom through the New Covenant.
    You will be able to view a short video clip on the book and listen to what others think by clicking on the following link on my web page.
    Alternatively you can learn more by going to my web page.
    Thank you for your love for His people.
    Living to please the Father’s heart, Merril

  3. Stephen says:

    souls list…

    Dan V. – a young man that I used to lift weights with. Things closed down with Dan after he became contrary to the Gospel. Dan is currently in recovery for falling off a 60 foot cliff and has a broken leg and a crushed pelvis. I am believing for total healing and divine health to be imparted to Dan during his recovery as a testimony of the kindness of God to him. I’m feeling impressed to take some role in Dan’s life again and ask for wisdom and creativity about that too.

    Lindy S. – a young lady that is going through a divorce and is struggling to care for 4 children. Lindy is not mentally capable of dealing with the stress these issues have brought. She has been confronted by the court system because of inappropriate behaviors. It is my prayer that this accountability would compel Lindy to repentance and to surrender her life to Christ.

    Damien K. – is struggling with fear and trauma from a motorcycle accident from last year. Damien wants to ride again. Pray for total recovery physically and that Christ would be for Damien the courage to get back out on the road. I’m believing for new paths and sites for him and that his trails would bring him into sites and blessings he could not have imagined.

    Scott O. – this boy had leukemia but overcame it. It’s my prayer for Scott to discern and understand as he grows how much the Lord has done for him. I pray for him to be affirmed into divine health and a heart that is quick to give honor and glory to God for being so good to him.

    Rob W. – pray for Rob to have a hunger for the word of God.

    Shane D. – an army veteran that has been through 2 tours in Iraq. Pray for a closer walk with the Father through Christ for Shane as he readjusts. There are people in the Army he needs to forgive.

    Chelsea O. – pray for Chelsea to forgive her mom. There are a lot of expectations on her that her mom is trying to compensate for her own shortcomings. Chelsea needs to be affirmed into her own person and her own future.

    Danielle D. – she is struggling with a real relationship and a real walk with Christ. Danielle was raised Catholic and is still grieving the loss of her dad. Pray for her to be comforted and that the Holy Spirit would come to her and baptize her.

    Zeb D. – a baby Christian that is struggling to know what God has for him. Pray for Zeb to discern and follow through with God instructions for his life.

    Brett A. – that he would grow in his gift to bless and affirm the afflicted. I have seen a huge heart of compassion in this guy and he doesn’t seem to realize how he is being used by God and what God has put in him. We are joined in a bench competition and are challenging each other to excel and meet fitness goals together. Ask God to bless Brett with strength and fitness.

    Jennifer J. – pray for healing and salvation for this MS sufferer. She is receptive to spiritual talks but the enemy has still blinded her mind. She’s been involved in the occult. She thinks that God gave her MS to teach her a lesson. Pray for God to remove this dec


    Greetings to you pastor and christain friends.
    My name is Evanglist J Walker a gospel artist from Miami Florida USA. I would like to come to the UK visit and sing a few of our favorate backing tracts. I sing with the gaithers singing vocal band, I sing low baritone. Would it be possiable to come and sing. I do have relitives in London.
    This would be my wish to come and bless God’s people in songs.
    Please can you get back to me, thanks
    Evanglist J.Walker.

  5. Pastor:ANAND.P says:

    Dear honorable in Christ This is Pastor:ANAND from India I am very happy to visit your website today I am so thankfull to GOD for your ministry.Here in India I am we also glorifying GOD through music and preaching Gospel and we named it as Walk With Christ Outreach Ministries (WW.COMinistries)evry month second saturday we are reaching rural and tribal areas morning we distribuiting Gospel tracks and night time we are cunducting public meeting in that village and spreding Gospel through music GOD has given me dedicated and tallented musissions and good youth I am so blessed by visit your ministry

  6. Mr.B.BENOI says:

    Respected Brothers & Sister in Christ,

    Warm and Holy Greetings to you in the most fervent Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who shed his Blood on the Calvary of Cross for our sake Amen.

    We are so happy to meet today through this E-mail letter. I would like to introduce my self as MR.B.BENONI from AP, south India I have been doing children ministry as independent since 10 years; we totally depend on faith for this children ministry. My Education qualification BA. I am married. My Wife Rajani qualification is Bsc My parents are servants of Almighty God. I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour in 1990 September 18th. at present I am doing children’s work in remote areas. I am conducting Vacation Bible School for children and Sunday schools, Bible studies, youth retreats etc. I and my Wife desire to develop children ministry in A.P. I am conducting Sunday schools at two places. At one place 125 children are attending and 170 children at the second place. Please pray for my work development. I have seen your picture. I am very much interesting Spiritual relationship with your family. Please visit India. I want to work with you. My ambition is to preach the “good News” where Christ was not known (Rom 15:20) I have immense pleasure to introduce myself as an ardent, faithful and devote servant of God. I humbly request you to please pray for me and my small work. I am waiting for your valuable and prayerful letter and spiritual support in my ministry. My special Greetings to you and all the members of you dear family

    Closing with prayers Amen,
    Yours in His Service,

  7. Dear Brother and Sister greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I am pastor steeven from India, working among down trodden and tribals please pray help our ministries 50 native Evangelists working with me without any help. I have send mail to your office please receive.
    Thanking you sir,
    Yours in His service
    Pastor Steeven Babu

  8. felix says:

    Dear brethrens,
    I am very happy to meet you and what you are doing as achristian.
    First allow me to introduce myself to you.
    I am amarried man of God with one wife and I am serving the Lord since He saved me from what I was doing. Infact I was acruel man who used persecute the people of God like saul but since I was converted to christianity,I have seen the hand of God working wonders in my live and my family.I started my home church.When I tried to visit your website I received nice teachings and infact and I even decided to use them in our home church .
    We as agroup in ahome church have taken your teachings as we considered them to be true and surely they are true teachings.
    I hope that God who converted me will also join our hands together as we are also looking foward to hear from you and hope to receive more teachings.
    Pray for our young christians.
    plenty love,
    pastor Felix Nyariki,
    Box 303,Ogembo, Kenya-E.Africa

  9. Dear Pastor Donnie Stewart,

    Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I take this privilege to appriciate your wonderful message on IT’S TIME TO LET THE WEAK SPEAK! LET THE WEAK SAY, “I AM STRONG!”I am very much blessed and encouraged, with your permission I am going to translate this message in to our local language Telugu and would like to give our Pastors and people here in India. May I do so?

    This is my humble request to you that please visit our nation India to speak the word of God to our pastors and people in India. Your presence will be great blessing to us. Therefore, let me know when you can come to us.

    Anticipating for your reply

    In His Vineyard
    pastor. Seelam. Easuratnam

  10. I ask to remember praying that my brother Markku should correct the true anointing of the Holy Spirit and to be the most effective way of God in place.

    well I bless my mother and children, who are already adults, though.
    God’s blessing and guidance in all things.

    And that this block of flats where a’sun that these people are saved, and to find God.
    And that itself would also be guided in wisdom and, when now is the time when I’m in retirement.

    Suurat God bless you.

    Sincerely bluebird / sinikka

  11. Jared says:

    Request for partnership

  12. Richard Beale says:

    Greetings from Canada. I found your website and your church sounds like one in which we could feel at home. My wife and I are planning to be in Scotland late in July and early in August and hoped to travel from Inverness to Glasgow via the outer Hebredes. Our goal was to be in Stornoway on Saturday and stay over until Monday. We were delighted to find your church and hoped to have the opportunity to fellowship with you if we can work out travel plans. It would help us greatly if we could find out if there is public transport (bus/ferry combination) from Stornoway south to Leverbburgh and on to Lochboisdale. We had hoped to go by ferry from there to Oban and on to Glasgow. Any advice you might have would be helpful. Thank-you in advance and if all works out well we will be there to visit July 31st. God Bless Richard

  13. Pastor. Mary says:

    Dear Most respected Pastor Donnie Stewart
    Greetings to you from our Heavenly father and soon coming savior Jesus Christ!
    I am pleased to introduce my self Pastor M. Mary, serving the Lord for the last 5 years in the coastal area of Andhra Pradesh state {South India}.
    God made a miracle in my life when I came to see your website; I was encouraged to note the activities of your ministry that touched my heart greatly. Ours is an independent ministry serving the lord with utmost faith only.
    Dear One in Him we have been serving in tribal areas with my co-pastors. Those who are living in that area we providing their needs according to James 1:27 and providing food, clothing, education and all accommodation at free of cost.
    Part of our work me and elders, church members, distribute pamphlets, bible material, pray for the sick and needy and conduct rural village Gospel meetings, win their souls and leading them to the kingdom of God.
    I was encouraged after having gone through your Id, website and decided to work with your ministry.
    On my behalf, church elders, and saints, I invite you to visit India in the year 2011 to minister with us as we are much interested to see you in person, to have you in our midst to proclaim the Good news of Jesus to win many a perishing souls in this end time and request you to join in prayer with us.
    We all praying for you daily in our personal, family and church prayers and request you to continue to pray for us, for our ministry and for our invitation to you to visit India to minister with us in 2011.
    Our love and faithful prayers for you,
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Yours in Christ,
    Pastor. Mary

  14. Donna Carney says:

    Blessings and a fresh anointing for 2020.
    Just found your fellowship today. Have had a burden for Scotland for decades.
    Donna Carney
    Aston, PA

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